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[Notes at the time of reservation]

  • Payment can only be made in a lump sum by credit card.
  • Available brands are Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners, as well as credit cards issued by various credit card companies in Japan.
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Course description

Adults(Over 12 years old)
Children(6 years old or older and under 12 years old)

Children under the age of 6 can ride for free, but no seating is available.
Up to 1 child can take free of charge per adult.
Please enter the number of children if you need a separate seat.

Customers with disabilities will be offered discounted rates if they can present the physical disability certificate on the day.
If you don't present it, you cannot receive a discount.

Customer Information
Example) Taro Higa

Please enter in katakana (phonetic transcription in kana) or romaji (Roman character) or pinyin.

Traditional or Simplified names ネーム変換君 can now be converted to Katakana.
Example) ヒガ タロウ、Taro Higa、bi3jia1 ta4ila2ng

Please enter the phone number you can use to contact you on the day.

If you use an overseas phone number, please enter the country code first.

You will receive an email when your reservation is complete, so please enter your email address.